Posted by: Scott | September 14, 2010

Murphy’s Law Month

Have you ever had one of those “Murphy’s Law’ Months? I think I am having one right now.

This is what I feel like right now!!!

#1) I am having a rough go in terms of finding stable, long-term work. Always an issue when you have bills to pay.

#2) On the matter of bills to pay, isn’t it usually the case that when you have cash-flow issues, you also notice that the number of things that suddenly need attention start screaming for it? By that, I mean appliances or tools that decide to break just when you can least afford to fix/replace them. Like the squeegee I was trying to wash the balcony window with yesterday. Plus, I have another new bill, a rather large one, on my horizon I wasn’t expecting (read: hoping to NOT have to deal with) until I was fully employed. My new bill: well, that’s

#3) My computer died this past weekend. You never realize just how hard it could be to live without technology until you can’t use it anymore. Especially if you are trying to write a blog, or finish the novel you have just gotten your second wind with.

October cannot come soon enough!

Adendum (September 16): ML #4 – my watch strap broke!! 


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